April: Wearing, watching, wanting!

I'm back! We're starting off easy here. For anyone new, I like to do a monthly roundup that I call WWW—it's a breakdown of what I have ben loving, in the categories of clothes, TV/movies, and online shopping. AKA all my favorite things. Let's do it! As always, everything is linked for you.


Amazon Slides

OK so I have to brag and say I bought these a few weeks before I've seen them all over my IG. So these are like Yeezy dupes/trendier version of rubber slides.

I originally bought them to wear as slippers, but now I can be caught in the isles of the supermarket rocking these w socks (embarrassing) but they are seriously so comfy and cute.

Oh also these exact ones linked are pretty much sold out in the tan and black colors, but if you search around on Amazon I think they are all pretty much the same.

Nasty Gal High-Waisted Pants

These are my new favorite clothing item. Inspired by @jujhavens on IG, these are like a dress pant material, but they're basically high waisted yoga pants with a cute slit on the bottom. They're comfy enough to lounge in, but so sleek that you can dress them up to go out, too. 10/10.

XL Basic Black Sweatshirt

- Walmart

- Target

- Old Navy

Wait maybe these are my new favorite clothing item. I linked all three of my go-to sweatshirts. Plain black, oversized, emphasis on the hood for extra comfiness. Yes, my favorite one is from Walmart and it was ten dollars on sale for three ($3), what about it?


Movie Pick: I Care A Lot (Netflix)

This movie is crazy. According to Netflix, "A court-appointed legal guardian defrauds her older clients and traps them in her care. But her latest mark comes with some unexpected baggage." Yes to that x 100. It gets so good so quickly, and has a pretty shocking ending.


Do we need a description? I forgot about this show and I'm restarting it from the beginning, my happy place. And right now I feel like I need to channel my inner Carrie, column style.


- Emma Chamberlain

- Lauren Giraldo

- Cassie Randolph

- Gretchen Geraghty

Summer House (Bravo)

So this show is my current favorite reality series, and it's running right now so I love looking forward to tuning in at 9 every Thursday. Especially obsessed with Paige Desorbo, her style is 🙌🏻


Matching workout sets

I literally barely workout right now, but that's not important. You guys know I'm just obsessed with sets in general, because they make me feel put together without any effort at all. Been seeing a ton of Set Active sports bra and legging sets and maybe I'll one day treat myself to one, but right now I think I'm just going to order an Amazon dupe, here's one of many. Also went into Aerie the other day and their lounge/active sets were actually fire.

Light therapy mask

Since I already own the whole entire skincare section of Ulta in moisturizers, serums, acids, the works, I'm left with only needing the extra unnecessary skincare gadgets. Light therapy masks usually contain blue or red light, or a combination of both, to give benefits to your skin that are otherwise lacking. Sure, I don't need to focus on anti-aging at 20 years old, it's called preventative, people. In ten years I'll get the Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask, but till then, here's one an esthetician friend recommended.

What else? Reading and Recipes

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

This book was sooo good 😫. It's a dramatic story about love, pain, and strength.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Currently in the middle of this one, it's a bit darker but about a wedding mystery intertwined with secrets.

Recipe: Choc Chip Cloud Cookies

I named them this. They're really just chocolate chip cookies. But they are the most soft and pillowy cookies ever. Don't even think about substituting the recipe, k?

Recipe Idea this month: Trader Joe's Taco Night

This isn't a recipe, but it is a sign to buy all the ingredients from Trader Joe's and have a taco night. I made this dinner for two the other night and it was so yummy I had to share some of our staples in it.

  • The best part was TJ's Corn and Wheat Tortillas. I usually hate fully corn ones but bc of the wheat in these they don't break and don't taste like cardboard 😙

  • We used ground turkey w TJ’s Taco Seasoning Mix (use the whole packet if you like it really spicy)

  • TJ’s Organic Thick & Chunky Salsa

  • TJ's Sour Cream (duh), then Mexican Cheese Blend and Shredded Lettuce

  • Tried their bean dip and guac (both 10/10)

  • And TJ's Organic Tortilla Chips (the round ones)

I know I didn't have to tell you how to construct tacos, but you should always be reminded. Also just got a Trader Joes locally so expect yummy content there. And that is ALL!

I'm happy to be back on here—and I hope you guys enjoyed this WWW!