Asking my boyfriend 23 questions for his 23rd birthday!

I'm back! After a month-long break from blogging and social media (we'll get to that boring stuff next post), I'm finally fully featuring Tyler on the blog! And my first "interview" I guess? This past Monday was Ty's 23rd birthday, and I won't stop bugging him (or everyone else) about it. I sat him down after dinner with my fun questions, my commentary is inserted throughout (I can't shut up). Also he's mad I finally get to call him TK with this fancy initialed Q&A format...anyway 23 questions let's go:

Lauren White: Who are you and what are you doing on my blog?

Tyler Krampf: Um. Name is Tyler Krampf. Hometown is Hopewell Valley, New Jersey. Age? 23 (enough about it). And currently a business/finance grad student at Ithaca College.

LW: What are you excited about right now?

TK: I'd say fall weather. And Halloween this week, because I like candy.

LW: A millionaire is gonna pay for one week of your life—what do you do?

TK: Travel to Europe first, the Amalfi Coast, then work my way to Australia, loop around and hit Hawaii before I come home. I'm gonna go around the world in a week, is that possible?

(Google says its a go.)

LW: Something you cannot live without (besides me)

TK: My family...or cheeseburgers. Juicy ones from Ale House.

Priorities are straight for sure!

LW: You can have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who's at the table?

TK: Eli Manning, ummm, Mac Miller and....Elon Musk.

LW: Window or aisle seat?

TK: Window, obviously.

LW: Do you want a tattoo? Of what?

TK: Potentially yes, and it has to be something meaningful, so I'm not in a rush.

LW: What is a skill you're currently working on mastering?

TK: Being more organized. I have a planner this year!

LW: What was the best thing to happen to you today? The worst?

TK: Best thing was using the air fryer for dinner. The worst thing was the long line at Dunks.

His world revolves around food?

LW: What is your most treasured possession?

TK: My necklace you got me.

It's a gold Saint Christopher pendant ❤

LW: Sweet or savory food?

TK: Sweet.

LW: What's one thing you wish people would talk about less? Talk about more?

TK: Less, themselves (lol @ me). More? Things that they're passionate about.

LW: OK, last meal on Earth...detailed.

TK: A root beer float, a double cheeseburger with bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup. Crispy french fries with Sriracha mayo. Dessert? Mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate fudge.

the fire burger Ty had at his bday din..

LW: Favorite holiday season?

TK: Thanksgiving

LW: Halloween costume this weekend? LOL

TK: Vampire (make that two. check the 'gram this weekend), and maybe like a cowboy or something? As little maintenance as possible.

LW: What Scorpio traits do you have? (that I've told you)

TK: Loyal, protective, mysterious and hard to read.

(UMM, I'm shocked, good listening? Also guys...isn't he a walk in the park?)

LW: What was your favorite school lunch as a kid?

TK: It was called "The G". It was a sandwich that my friend Garret created in high school cafeteria lunch. It was breaded chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, hot sauce and bleu cheese.

(I was expecting something more along the lines of peanut butter and fluff with the crust cut off, but cool.)

LW: Favorite scent?

TK: York Peppermint Patties

LW: Who is the GOAT?

TK: Derek Jeter

LW: What's your favorite thing about us?

TK: We can be goofy and fun, but know how to be serious about different things. We also both like a lot of similar things. Same values, ya know?

LW: What's the best gift you've ever received? Favorite gift you've given?

TK: Your tickets to the Giants game last year. Or also, my parents got me a trampoline for Christmas when I was little, I didn't tell them I wanted it till like 10pm on Christmas Eve and they went out and got it.

LW: You were probably so reckless on that thing, your mom was def scared you were gonna break your neck.

TK: Yeah, me and Joe would do WWE on it.

LW: Ok favorite gift you've given?

TK: Your rings.

LW: How was year 22?

TK: 22 was good, overall. Tough ending with the pandemic. But I graduated college and now I'm old.

LW: What do you hope for year 23? TK: I hope that things go back to normal with everything going on, not even just the pandemic. Hopefully after this year of school I will find a spot to start a career, and then come visit you, sucker.

LW: OK um final words?

TK: Hold your applause. Oh and keep following Lauren's blog.

Thanks for the plug, babe!

23 questions goes by quick! Ty says so does 23 years, LOL. I hope you guys liked this fun little piece w/ my bestie, happy to be on here again and LOTS of good things coming! Thanks for coming back again and again, XOXOXO Laur