August: Wearing, watching, wanting

Soooo somehow August is already like halfway over, and I thought this week would be a good time to share my monthly WWW! Let me know what you guys have been loving lately!

All links are in orange!!!!!


#1 TNA Lounge sets

I usually do a lot of clothing shopping before I head back to school in the fall, (wait who am I kidding I clothing shop 365 around the clock...but...anyway) and with everything going on I've definitely been gravitating towards a lot of loungewear and comfy clothes. Fall semester is looking pretty chill, planning for a lot of let's make it cute! My sister introduced me to the brand TNA through Aritzia clothing, and I've been obsessed with everything I have bought.

Side note: I don't love recommending too many pricey products, but I seriously live in this clothing and the great quality is definitely a plus. But I'll share a similar option down below that is a bit more affordable too!!

These are the two sets I purchased, both in matching colors!

Cozyaf Mega Crew and Sweatpant

High rise bike shorts and top combo set

If you're looking for an alternative that is a bit less expensive, maybe try these!!

Old Navy biker shorts

Crew sweatshirt

Old Navy sweats

(I tried to link the same color sets for all of the Old Navy pieces, but it looks like the link just takes you to the color that is modeled, I found all of those in Heather Gray and wanted to link them matching, so cute!)

#2 CLEAN Reserve Perfume

I'm not a huge perfume person, meaning I forget to put it on most of the time, but I do love it when I find a good one. I actually received this perfume as a sample in my BirchBox subscription box last year and didn't even start using it until a few months ago. I fell in love with the scent and ran out of the sample size, so needed to get the real thing ASAP! This scent is "Amber Saffron," and described as 'woody' with key notes of bergamot armoise, mandarin oil, and rose. This specific scent is crafted with eco-conscious and sustainably sourced mandarin oil. This product is also listed as "clean" on Sephora's website, which is important to me! It is also cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic, and comes in eco-conscious packaging.


#1 Selling Sunset

Recommended by Ria Ciuffo of the Chicks in the Office podcast, hosted by two huge reality TV girls like meee, I quickly became hooked to this show. Think HGTV plus Real Housewives plus young bachelors looking for 40 million dollar homes in The Hills of LA. Quality television am I right?

#2 NHL Hockey and my favorite YouTubers

Hey, I'm just being honest with you guys. I meant to watch an educational movie that wouldn't make my brain mush like the rest of my chosen entertainment but it's been a tough few weeks ok.

YouTubers I love! Ella McFadin, Jaci Marie Smith, Lauren Giraldo


As I get ready to move into my house at school next week, my current everything wishlist is top to bottom new house, new room territory. Here's a sneak peek into some things I'm eyeing!

#1 Hatch

I first came across this company when I got an Instagram ad for the device, so I was skeptical but looked a bit more into it. With great reviews by Refinery 29, Parents mag and the Wall Street Journal, Hatch's products are sleek sleep machines that help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up peacefully. They offer a few products, but all including a ton of amenities for a calm room, including light and sound therapy. Pictured below is the Hatch Restore ($129), their newest and biggest model, and the Rest model ($59)!

Apparently you connect it to an app on your phone and can personalize a bedtime and wakeup routine, including your alarm, breathwork and meditation, and music. You guys know how much I love a morning and evening routine (last week's post) so this looks amaze!!!!!

#2 Wall art

So I need some wall decor for my new room, and I really want something original from a smaller business or private artist!! If anyone knows of people selling prints send the names my way!! I would love to share their work and name on my blog as well to give recognition and support!!

I'm planning on doing a full blog post when I set up my whole room at school, and I'll break down and review all the features that I can share!


OK GUYS LAST THING, couldn't end without showing you: In light of my August favs, I have to share with you my new nails and new haircut that I just had appointments for! By far my favorite thing I'm wearing this month 🙂

Nails: Acrylic nail with gel polish, coffin shape, and the color looked a bit more tan on the sample tab but I still love it? Glittery orange nails for my birthday week? Yes please.

Hair: Chopped seven inches!! I went to Salon Innova in Lake George off Route 9, and my friend recommended Carol as the stylist specifically, she was great and so was the salon! I asked for a cut to about my collarbones, but didn't want it blunt so she did some feathering of my tips on the bottom. And then I asked for some chin/face-framing pieces, which I learned are called curtain bangs, and she cut those in super minimal just to give some shape! Another mini want: Revlon One-Step Brush Hair Dryer to easily style! (Told my hairdresser I suck at maintaining a style every morning so this looks perf.) Heard amazing reviews about this one. Yay!

Thank you guys for reading up on this month's WWW! Reach out to me with your favorite staples lately. Have a refreshing and restful weekend💛