My favorite podcasts right now

Recently, podcasts have become my favorite form of news, entertainment and learning. I'm breaking down a few of my current favs!

I began listening to podcasts about a year ago, but have recently been so drawn to just putting my AirPods in, setting my phone down, and listening to my favorite podcasters speak. The categories, forms and styles of podcasts can range from comedy to true crime to NPR news segments, which is one of the things I love most. My Apple Podcast app is filled with a good variety of different types—a "one for each mood" type of thing.

A quote by my favorite podcaster:
"Uncertainty is where the magic happens. If you’re not uncertain about something it means you probably aren’t challenging yourself enough. You have to embrace the uncomfortable." –Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, The Skinny Confidential

Podcast #1: The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

Listening to lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts and business entrepreneur Michael Bosstick got me here. To starting my blog. Literally. I am fully obsessed with The Skinny Confidential (TSC)'s whole brand. Evarts began her blog as a college student and has formed an empire of women helping women, sharing tips, tricks, and all the skinny on wellness, health and the "nitty gritty" of life, as Lauryn likes it best.

The podcast is hosted by Evarts herself and her husband Michael, who is a witty, smart and established entrepreneur. The episodes range from solos by Lauryn about her favorite current skin care, to interviews with authors, to the inside scoop on the two's relationship advice. The couple manages to produce a perfect balance of content, with lifestyle tips by the entertaining hosts while offering intelligent advice from their hundreds of interviewees.

I could go on for hours about TSC's entire platform, including her blog (my inspo), Instagram, YouTube and more, but since we are sticking to podcasts for this post, I'll shut up. P.S. Lauryn Evarts I love u.


Podcast #2: What We Said

This blog is hosted by best friend and influencer duo Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsey Jade Curtis. The two currently live in LA with their husbands, and their episodes are all about health, wellness and positive mindsets! Jaci and Chelsey make listeners feel like you are right there with them just having a relaxed conversation. Turn them on while driving, cleaning, or just hanging around—I can almost guarantee you'll gain two new friends!

Here's a link to their Apple Podcast Page!

Podcast #3: Chicks In The Office

I've always been a fan and avid follower of the Barstool Sports podcasts, but this one is by far my favorite. Music, television and entertainment-lovers Ria Ciuffo and Fran Mariano sit down every Monday and Thursday and break down the celebrity and entertainment news of the week. The girls are comically opinionated and simply fun.

Link to their latest ep. HERE!

Podcast #4: Pod Save the People

Activist DeRay Mckesson shares news, culture, social justice and politics surrounding diversity. Mckesson is joined by analysis by Brittany Packnett and Sam Sinyangwe and writer Dr. Clint Smith III. I began listening to this Crooked Media Production podcast a few weeks ago when I recognized the need to diversify my media intake through news, experiences and perspectives. Episodes dive into the details of diversity in America, systematic problems, and challenging perspectives. This podcast has become a great resource for so many during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Catch their latest release here.


So guys, there's my top pods! Thanks for tuning into my current favs, let me know if you try any of these out, and send recommendations my way ALWAYS!

Happy Reading!