Birthday Blog!!

A leo never lets her birthday go, so here we are, reminiscing ✨

Another year down, crazy stuff people!

No, but actually, I'm not looking for any more birthday wishes with this, I had the most perfect day at the beach surrounded by people I love and it was everything I could have asked for. I simply may have just happened to take a ton of pictures and decide that it would also be my blog content for the week! 20th birthday celebration down at the Jersey shore house. OK let's do this:

Tuesday, the night before:

On Tuesday it was just my boyfriend Tyler, my oldest sister Casey, my mom, and me at the house. We were planning on having family over on my actual birthday, the 19th, so we wanted to do dinner out the night before, cause we'd be around the house most of the day on Wed. We got off the beach around 4 and had a little happy hour of cheese and crackers, hmm no drinks obviously bc 20 not 21!!! then got ready to go out. We decided to make the short coastal drive about 15 minutes north, where we have a fav restaurant. When we arrived it was packed, but we definitely wanted to wait it out knowing how good the meal would be. We were able to wait for our table at a dock area right on the water and watch boats and the sunset, and take advantage of a pretty photo op!!

Jeans are Levi's, top is Sunday Best by Aritzia and sandals are Born in California!

For dinner, we ordered calamari and crab cakes as apps, and I got a seafood trio as my meal, with broiled scallops, shrimp, and flounder. I forgot to take a picture but it included a ton of squeezed lemon and french fries, duh. After dinner, we drove back to the house with the windows down, it was a perfect shore evening. To end the night, comfy pajamas and a movie!

Bed by 11 because I like waking up in the morning to my birthday for the first time, instead of watching it turn midnight, weird I know.

Wednesday morning, 5:45 AM:

Joked the night before that I can't sleep in on my birthday anyway, like a spoiled little kid on Christmas. Lol. So Tyler and I decided we'd get up for the sunrise! When we went out at like 6 it was already so pretty we thought we actually missed it. Little did we know the sun wasn't up yet and it was about to get a whole lot better. This sunrise. Seriously amazing. It was a perfect start. We did some gifts out there too, new skincare and clothes, and an amazing framed art piece from Ty, deets below. So so thoughtful and I'm a LUCKY girl!

So one of our friends, Francesca Cherchio, has started her own line of personalized portraits of your home! Ty gave me this one as a gift, it is my house that I'll be living in with my friends, but I'm about to order two more of our other homes because I love it so much!

How cute?! I'm going to link her business Instagram here, order at the link in her bio or DM for questions!! Perfect for that custom decor I have been looking for, and now I can support a small artists' business and a close friend! Love you Fran!

7 AM:

Post sunrise was immediate COFFEEEEE. Duh. Made the daily walk to Wawa a bit earlier than usual!! It was also still that perfect early morning temp in August so hot cup it was. We enjoyed the quiet rest of the morning up on the roof deck and soaked up the sunshine.

This is where I broke out my first treat of the day, my absolute obsession, Monster Mix from Target (it's the most delicious trail mix ever for anyone wondering, try it. oh it's not healthy at all though, sorry). Sugar before noon on your bday is a must ppl. Cmon.

*All morning I was wearing my Aritzia TNA set that I featured in my August WWW last week! Pieces linked here: Crewneck Sweatshirt + Sweats

9 AM:

I'm all about moving my body every day, but I refuse to do like, burpees or something on my birthday. So we decided to play tennis!! I am not a tennis player but I was less horrible than I expected (notice I didn't say good). It was super fun to get moving and try something a little different than usual!

Wore a cutie long sleeve crop and biker short set by H&M and pretended I knew what I was doing.

10:30 AM:

On the walk back home from the courts, we stopped for some Jersey bagels. I had been dreaming about them all week. This is where I learned about the concept of a baker's dozen??? Thirteen bagels in a dozen instead of 12? Who would have known? Not me from Upstate NY!

Anyway, came home and enjoyed a warm toasty pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese and relaxed!! Watched The Today Show because it's my fav.

1 PM:

My grandparents and cousins got here around 1, so the majority of the afternoon was spent enjoying time with them. The weather was a bit iffy mid-day, but in the sunny breaks between clouds we got in some beach time and swimming!

6 PM:

Dinnaaaa time, best time. So consistently as a fam tradition whoever's birthday it is gets to pick what's for dinner, right? Funny story, for several years in a row I made my whole family sit at the dinner table and eat peanut butter & jelly. My grown father eating a PB&J for dinner, if only I could see it now. I'm still in love with the iconic sandwich, but unfortunately for my parents, the budget has changed a bit. Turn 20 and all of a sudden I'm asking for full lobster on the dinner table, sorry! Mom and Dad grabbed some lobsters and clams from the fresh fish market down the road, and dinner was as buttery and messy as could be, perfect. Enjoyed on the roof and with minimal complaints and maximum happiness. Perf.

7 PM:

When I said dinner time is the best time, no I didn't. Dessert. My wonderful Mimi offered to bake a cake for the occasion, so the other day I started Pinteresting (ya that's a word) for ideas.

I've been seeing the Kardashians flex that lemony powdered sugar olive oil ish cake on their Instas and when I saw one like it on Pinterest I was truly inspiiiired.

Can you be inspired even if you make someone else do the work after though? Idk.

Anyway— here's the recipe I sent my Mimi and she 100% delivered.

I was looking at this one too, has lemon and orange, yummy.

8 PM:

We wanted to get some last moments of the day on the beach, you know that like post-sunset time by the water where the temp is perfect and it's just so cute and cozy? Yes, that. Another lovely photo op, of course.

9 PM:

Safe to say after all this, I was exhausted. But the best kind of thankful and blessed and happy exhaustion. It was truly the most perfect day. Missed my other sis but she's off doing super cool things. After a shower, it was into the pajamas and back on the couch, lovely. Casey, Tyler, and I finished the movie we started the night before and got the best so-tired-from-an-amazing-day sleep. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Now off to Western NY to move into the new house with friends!! Looking for all the hope and positives these days.

Have a bright and restful weekend!!