Deadly concert strips humanity from music

As a country, we unfortunately hear of tragedies—deadly plane crashes, deadly car accidents, or a deadly shooting. But last Friday in Houston, TX, was a horrifically deadly concert.

American rapper sensation Travis Scott began his festival tour, Astroworld, in 2018. Today, after Friday night's concert, at least eight people were killed and many others injured as members of the densely packed crowd surged toward Scott's stage and were crushed against each other.

At least 25 people were transported to the hospital and of those, 13 remained hospitalized Saturday afternoon, the Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner said. Five of them are under 18 years old, he added.

People at the concert described being increasingly squeezed in the minutes before Scott's performance began, and then feeling crushed and seeing others pass out and scream in terror once his show started.

It's still unknown who to place blame on for this tragic situation, as the concert seemed to be incredibly low-security, as well as Travis Scott being known to hype up chaotic and reckless behavior at his shows.

More than 300 people were treated at a hospital nearby, some patients in cardiac arrest and many unconscious. The results of this horrible incident are extremely sad and it can only be hoped that the families of these lost loved ones can move on with strength and support, but the bigger question here is—why did this happen and how can we prevent it from ever happening again?

"This was not a concert, this was a fight for survival," Jeffrey Schmidt, who attended the concert Friday.

As more details come out about the legalities and logistics of the concert, it will hopefully become clearer as to who is at fault for these losses of life. But in no way shape or form should a parent of a 10 or 14 year old send their child to a concert to later find them dead or in critical condition due to being trampled or suffocated.

It has been reported that the Houston Police Department warned Scott of the concert getting out of hand, between the number of sold out tickets, notoriously rowdy fans and the post-pandemic energy of being back at concerts. So within all of this, it just leaves us left to ask, how damaged is our perception of humanity and tragedy? How could this all have possibly happened?

More details of Friday night's concert continue to be released by survivors and people in positions of authority at the concert.