July: Wearing, Watching, Wanting

As I continue to grow this blog and establish connections with my audience, I'm going to aim to consistently put out a new blog post every week. Included within these, I came up with the idea to do a monthly top product/interests post, and decided I'd focus on three things, something I am wearing lately, watching this month, and wanting recently! SO let's get into July's version!!


#1 These staple tanks from Target:

I am SO thankful to have my middle of the day, roaming aimlessly, buying things I don't need Target runs back lately, mask and all. Recently I've been trying to minimize my closet by getting rid of a ton of old clothes and replacing/keeping minimal, simple pieces that are extremely versatile. These tank tops are the perfect example.

Can go with everything, be dressed up or down, and won't ever go out of style. Pictured above I'm wearing the pink and olive green, waiting for the white and black to come back in stock at my local Target!!

#2 Control Freak eyebrow gel

Currently growing out my brows to re-shape so uhhhh don't look at them if you see me in public thanks. But anyway, I came across this in Target as well (this isn't a Target haul I promise, add it to the post ideas list tho?) and thought I'd try it out. I've always preferred gel for my eyebrows rather than a pencil because I love the natural and effortless look a gel gives. This NYX product isn't tinted, so you don't have to worry about finding the perfect shade either. I just shape my brows with the brush and they stay in place all day, even through an eight hour waitressing shift. Definitely recommend adding this to your every day routine!


#1 Dead to Me [TV Show]

Of course my trashy reality TV shows did come to mind when thinking of what I have watched this month, but I decided against embarrassing myself and exposing my obsession with the guilty pleasure. And I doubt any of you care. SO MOVING ON!

Dead to Me is a Netflix original series about two women, Jen and Judy, who battle grief, loss and a ton of crazy womanhood and motherhood battles together. Season 1 came out in 2019. And I just recently binge-watched the second season that was released a few months ago. This show has me on the most insane roller-coaster of emotions. It's funny, it's sad, it's feel-good, it's heavy, it has it ALL. I was shocked when Season 2 was even better than the first season, because like a book, I almost always prefer the original versions. This show is truly my definition of "binge-worthy" because it's easy to watch, and keeps you super interested.

P.S. the acting is amaze, and Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are a true power duo.

#3 Athlete A [Documentary/Movie]

Onto a more serious and important production. Athlete A is a Netflix documentary about the gymnasts who survived years of abuse by the USA Gymnastics establishment and doctor Larry Nassar. The movie exposes the toxic culture of gymnastics, the abused power of leaders of USAG, and shares insight into the damaging experiences lived by these young women.

Though this documentary does share some extremely disturbing information, it is important for these girls' stories to be heard and supported through films such as this one.

"Equal parts devastating and inspiring, the film reveals the culture of cruelty that was allowed to thrive within elite-level gymnastics, the attorney fighting the institutions, and most importantly, the brave athletes who refuse to be silenced, fought the system and triumphed."


#1 Blue light glasses

Since I left school in March, I have been spending a lot more time on my phone and devices (sad about it but might as well protect the eyeballs). And since starting this website, same thing. I really want to purchase a pair of blue light protection glasses. First of all some of the ones I have seen online are so cute, and they also aren't a super expensive purchase! And besides the style-factor, I have read a lot of articles explaining how they truly do help.

(One I read: How Blue Light Blocking Glasses Can Help Protect Your Vision)

Hoping to finally grab some online before I head back to school. Here's a few pairs I found if you're interested! Hover over the picture below and click to get to buying! (Prices accurate as of 7/16)

Pink: Free People- $28 USD

Tortoise: J. Crew- $19.50 USD

#2 A NICE reusable water bottle

Confession time I'm horrible at drinking enough water. Like really seriously bad. Sorry to my skin, my sleep, my body and overall health. But I'm trying to change that ASAP.

One thing that has helped in the past is having a water bottle that I really love!

(Tip: also LOVE little flavored hydration tablets that boost your water with electrolytes and vitamins—my fav are Nuun, love the orange immunity boost, yum.) But I keep seeing the cutest and also biggest drinking water bottles on my insta, I'll link a few below on the photo:

Gonna grab one of these soon and DRINK UP!!

Pink: My BKR

Clear: Amazon Vitscan 64 oz motivational water bottle


So that's it for July's list! Hopefully you guys enjoyed this first WWW post, I'm looking forward to creating it each month. On the lookout for my August items now!!

Happy reeeeading,