My days-off blog: long weekend in New Jersey

Since beginning working two jobs in May, I haven't had many days off (not complaining, just explaining!! lol). But like a month and a half ago I planned to take a long weekend off of work and get away for a nice break.

SO for my mini-vacation, I decided to go visit my boyfriend Tyler in New Jersey (most of u know him, but if u don't just take one quick glance at the insta and you'll find about 100 pics of this angel). Ty lives in central Jersey...apparently there is some big debate about whether central Jersey exists?? Idk. Those people have sand in their brains I think. It's about four hours away from my hometown in NY. We had a great long weekend and packed a lot of fun things in, so for this week's post, I'm going to break down what we were doing, where we went, and more!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Everywhere we were, we stayed super conscious of social distancing, wearing our masks, and keeping to ourselves!


11 AM- We woke up Saturday morning and it was a beautiful day (every day was, honestly). We decided to head towards Princeton, NJ for the day to walk around outside and maybe grab some lunch in town. It is only about a 30-minute drive, and we stopped to grab some coffee at Brick Farm Market, and may have snuck in a donut on the way.

Outfit details: Set is Aritzia Sunday Best Kissy Short and Sunday Best Spaghetti Strap Tank, Bandana from Target

Noon- Once we arrived in Princeton the streets were pretty crowded so we decided to walk on the university campus where it was a lot quieter and had less volume of people! Ty and I envisioned what it would be like to go there instead of Ithaca College which is a hilarious thought considering Princeton is an Ivy League school and, well.....

2 PM- We eventually made it back into town and grabbed some food to go at a market called Olive's. I got a platter that had yummy falafel, veggies, hummus and tzatziki, and a warm pita. Ty got a tomato and mozzarella sandwich with chicken, SO good!

5 PM- After a long day of walking around, we headed home to unwind. We ended up seeing some of Ty's friends and having a casual dinner to end the night!


10 AM- Sunday began with caffeine, duh. We made a Starbucks run because I just had that "need it now" moment and there's one right near Tyler's house.

MY ORDER: Venti Iced Matcha Latte with Vanilla Powder and Nonfat Milk (try it.)

Noon- The socially considerate activity for the day for us was tubing on the Delaware River!! So this is something that Ty and his friends do a lot in the summer, but I have never done it before on any river, let alone the one in Jersey. It was a super hot day and being near water was a necessity. We packed up some cold water and a speaker along with the tubes we'd be using, just plastic ones, think pool tube but river-approved. Once we were floating it was perfect, super relaxing, and cool by the water. We were on the tubes for a few hours while we went about three or four miles down the river to where we'd end. I wasn't sure what to expect before we went, not knowing if the river was rough or how fast we'd go, but it was super slow and calm, which was perf for me.

4 PM- Post river included sunburn, lots of food, and a clean shower— love that after a summer day in the sun.

7 PM- Dinner Sunday evening was the one date night we had, we dressed up and headed to a restaurant where we were able to sit on the water and enjoy some yummy seafood. We were at The Landing in New Hope, PA.

Outfit Details: Top is Target (see last blog post), Jeans are Levi's Ribcage Straight Ankle, Sandals are Target (old, sorry!), Purse is Urban Outfitters


This was just about the best Monday you could get, no alarm, no work, we headed to the shore to spend the day on the beach. The drive to Lavallette was about an hour, and we parked ourselves on the sand all afternoon— there's not much more to say about this day besides that it was just what my mini-vacation needed.

Food breakdown was breakfast at home, coffee at Wawa (my upstate New Yorkers are missing out), and Italian deli subs for lunch on the beach (um top 3 meal situations in my book). Monday was 10/10.


10 AM- Last day sadness. We woke up and were going to play some tennis, but unfortunately there were no courts open. I said it may have been meant to be because I'm so bad at tennis it might've potentially ruined the last morning. We opted for a walk instead, which somehowwww, by chance, accidentally walked us right to Starbucks again!

MY ORDER: Grande Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte (ordered it with no changes/substitutions and it was a bit too sweet, gonna try for less vanilla next time)

12 PM- The last meal of the trip was to-go brunch from PJ's Pancake House that we picked up and ate in the car parked by the water (AC was a must on Tues, and NJ doesn't have any indoor dining). I had two eggs over easy with lox and a bagel on the side, salt, pepper. Ugh yum.

1 PM- Post brunch was some good old fashioned mid-day ice cream. Tyler is the biggest ice cream fan I know (giving my best friend Emma a run for her money) so we couldn't pass up a last stop opportunity. We went to a place called It's Nutts! Classic soft-serve that melted all over me in 30 seconds—ahh what a summer pastime. After our stomachs were stuffed to the absolute max from all the amaze food we had all weekend, we headed home to just sit on the couch and watch Friends.

3 PM- I packed up and headed out, feeling super blessed and full after such a great few days. It may seem like all we did was walk and eat (kinda true) but it truly was a perfect weekend and I was so happy to get some quality time with Ty. Head over to my insta to see even more pics from the trip, both posts and highlighted stories.

OH LASTLY, I've been mentioning to Tyler within the last few weeks that I wanted to get into starting a YouTube channel, and him being the cutest and most supportive ever surprised me with a tripod/mic/light camera stand when I got to Jersey. So I was able to take some video footage of us throughout the weekend. I'm putting it all together and editing now so I should be able to get it out within the next day or two. Let me know if you guys would be interested in more video content from me! You can always contact me through the form at the bottom of my website, or more directly through my Instagram DM's! Thank you for reading and being THE best.

The face of two ppl who have never been on camera before :)

Happy reading...and maybe watching,

Laur (and Ty this time!)