My everyday vanilla green smoothie (with butternut squash!)

This blog post is in celebration of finally PERFECTING a smoothie I created a few weeks ago by throwing random things in my kitchen into a blender. It's the yummiest cup full of fruit and veggies, with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and honey.

I'll break down all the components and share how I like it, but make it your own and let me know what you think!! My oldest sister tried the recipe and is now equally obsessed as I am.

Hence this post title, I couldn't resist leaking the unexpected staple in there, so I'll address the butternut squash situation first. My all-time favorite juice from my school is a green smoothie with butternut squash in it. So when I saw some of it in my freezer I had to try. The frozen component acts as the ice for my smoothie and the squash makes it thick and creamy with a super subtle taste (aka the best way to sneak veggies in).

OK let's break this down:


  • These are the estimated measurements I use to make one portion for myself, but throw in whatever amounts that you want honestly. I feel like that's not how this is supposed to work but I'm not gonna tell you what to do sis!

In a blender, throw in:

  1. A handful of spinach

  2. One medium-sized banana

  3. 6 ishhhh ounces of vanilla yogurt— I use Siggi's Nonfat Yogurt, HIGHLY recommend, it's all-natural, high in protein and low in fat and sugar, and no nasty chemicals.

  4. About a half of cup of cubed, frozen butternut squash

  5. A splash of vanilla oat milk— any milk would be fine, but I love the extra vanilla and use Chobani Oat milk, its plant-based and lactose, and nut-free!

  6. A drizzle of organic honey! Add this to taste, just sweetens a bit :)

  7. Dash (a big one for me) of cinnamon

BLENDDDDD! Once I pour it I like to add a GENEROUS amount of cinnamon on the top—trust me so yummy, ok?

She's perfect for a light breakfast, or mid-day snack. TRY IT.

There you have it guys, let me know, I hope you'll love it just as much as I do!!