Summer Essentials

It's officially hot AF out so I guess that means its finally summer. Work or play, here’s some stuff you'll wanna have around.

I'm breaking down my top essential items for summer, a "What's in my Beach Bag" moment.


Ummmm ok after working in skincare for six months I have turned into THAT person using 100 SPF and a wide-brimmed hat. I used to bake in the sun with like, SPF 4 tanning oil on...this summer lets, not.

For the Face- Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Stick, Broad Spectrum SPF 70

This is soooo sheer and lightweight, and the stick makes it easy on your face for full coverage, lips, neck, everything. It also doesn't run into your eyes like every liquid sunscreen seems to do for me.

For the Body- Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Spray SPF 70

This body spray gives you the best glow while protecting you, I love.

2. Book Rec

I love a good book in my free time in the summer. Reading right now (RELATED ABOVE):

GTFO of the Sun by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

Skincare and my favorite blogger/influencer in one place? Sold. I love Lauryn Evarts (The Skinny Confidential), so it was just an added bonus that the book is about something I care so much about already. She interviews influencers, beauty experts and all the pros of skincare about their hacks. I didn't think I could become more obsessed with skincare and beauty but TSC proved me wrong. Hear from the best people in beauty, narrated like you’re sharing a cocktail with Lauryn. So much teaaaa.

3. Sun glasses

My two current favs are from Urban Outfitters:

Sausalito Rectangle Sunglasses for a sleek black moment. Literally elevates my baggy t-shirt and biker shorts.

Ruthy Slim Rectangle Sunglasses are the go-to every day.

Also have my eye on these Ray Ban Rectangle 1969 sunnies...they're on sale rn 👀

4. Tote bag

Ummmm ok so bags/purses are a small obsession, so bare with me. But first I love a good canvas bag.

Nothing beats a traditional L.L. Bean tote. The one I have is just like this with leather handles, can't find online but this is so similar. I also saw on TikTok that Hobby Lobby has great white canvas totes for like 10 bucks...I'd probably keep it plain but you can even decorate for a rainy day activity...cute!

I also saw this Target Beach Bag the other day and it looks so practical and stylish.

Extra: I've been taking a lot of short two day trips and I'm obsessed with my Calpak Luka Duffel, I have the metallic black but I think its sold out, linked the matte.

5. Bikini

Here's where we go IN on Amazon and fill the freaking cart. I wanted simple but cute bikinis for this summer so I was like, let me just find a super affordable triangle bikini on Amazon and get it in like three colors. Linking the ones I got and a few I was eyeing too.

For a trendy moment:

Got this one in black and white:

This hot pink one is tiny but cute for tanning:

Almost got this edgy one:

6. Heeled sandals

Not only are little kitten heels SO in right now, they're cute and actually practical. Linking my top favs right now.

Zara Mini Heeled Sandal

Target Fiona heel (Black)

Target Cass heel (Tan)

7. Light makeup

I feel like nobody talks about how you have to pretty much change your entire makeup routine in the summer. You can easily be a pool of foundation in 90 degrees.

Lately I've been skipping the liquid foundation and just doing a good amount of coverage with concealer and then setting powder for a little bit of oil control for the heat (not much, gotta be dewy).

I've also swapped any real eyeshadow with instead a swipe of contour on my eyelids and blending for a lightweight neutral tone.

Linking the super affordable brush I love.

My stick concealer that I use as a contour hack, and tint for the eyelids (I buy this a few shades darker than my foundation for contour purposes).

Go-to Neutrogena Concealer for blemish coverage

Hope you enjoyed my summer essentials—feel free to bill me for the damage!