The Bachelor Degree Podcast!

At eight pm, every Tuesday this fall (and every Monday starting January), you can find me PARKED on my couch. Watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette and probably eating dark chocolate. Now, on Fridays, I listen to a podcast recap of it too.

This week, I had the chance to spend like an hour just running my mouth about this season of The Bachelorette, it was so fun. This was thanks to Jill Ruthauser and Maddie Moore, the girls behind The Bachelor Degree Podcast. You can find our Bachelor Degree episode here!

The podcast is developed through Passion Project Online, an alternative publication for creative college students, all of their different shows can be listened to here.

Jill and Maddie were generous enough to invite me onto the show to recap this week's episode, and so the least I could do was feature them here for you guys. I did a quick Q&A with the lovely voices of the show, and even got some of their Season 16 scoop. Let's do this:

Share your names, year and majors in school, and hometown!

Jill Ruthauser: Senior Cinema and Photography major with minors in IMC and Sports Studies; [originally from] Montclair, NJ

Madison Moore: Senior Journalism major with minors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Honors; [originally from] Batavia, NY

So when did you guys start the podcast?

JR: I reached out to Maddie this summer and asked her if she would like to be my co-host, and we launched our podcast in September!

Why podcasting? (as opposed to other mediums)

JR: I started listening to podcasts, specifically ones about the Bachelor a few years back and have always loved hearing about behind-the-scenes drama and interviews with Bachelor Nation contestants. The Bachelor franchises are something that I have loved discussing for many years and I thought this would be a perfect time and chance to publicly express my opinions.

MM: Podcasting has become so popular in recent years that we thought it would be a fun medium to express our opinions and share our personalities with our audience.

How long have you each been Bachelor Nation fans?

JR: I have been watching since middle school, specifically Emily Maynard’s season which aired in the Fall of 2012.

MM: I have been watching since I was very young with my mom! The earliest season I can remember watching was season 11 of The Bachelor with Brad Womack.

Will we hear from you guys during Matt James’ season? (the next Bachelor, airing in Jan)

JR and MM: [We] are loving it. So why would we stop? We are so excited for Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and plan on dropping episodes during his season. We are also planning on having more special guests from The Bachelor Franchise, so stay tuned!


Your favorite Bachelor ever, and favorite Bachelorette ever?

JR: My favorite Bachelor would have to be Ben Higgins and I could not have been happier that he was our first Bachelor Franchise cast member to appear on our podcast. (Lauren edit: omg!!!!!! find it here.) As for Bachelorette, it’s so much more difficult for me to pick a favorite. I loved Kaitlyn Bristowe, Hannah Brown, and Jojo Fletcher and would kill to have them as guests on our podcast.

MM: My favorite Bachelor would have to be Sean Lowe. I loved his season so much and am a huge fan of his relationship with Catherine and their beautiful family! As for a favorite Bachelorette I think it is a toss up between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jojo Fletcher for me! Huge fans of both and would love to have any of them on our show!

OK so who's your favorite guy out of Tayshia’s contestants and WHY

JR: My favorite guy from Tayshia’s season would have to be Ben. He comes off very mature and isn’t scared to open up and be vulnerable. I also love seeing his fun and playful side through his social media, specifically on Tik Tok. He’s also easy on the eyes, which doesn’t hurt. (love that)

MM: My favorite guy on Tayshia’s season is Brendan. He is so adorable, super sweet and thoughtful and also has a fun and outgoing personality. I think they have great chemistry and I think he will be a front runner for sure!

Now list your prediction of the FINAL 4 guys

JR: Ben, Zac, Ivan, and Brendan

MM: Ben, Zac, Ivan and Brendan

MY prediction (if you care): Ben, Zac, Ivan and Spencer

If you had to guess an ending to this season, what would it be?

JR: I feel like Tayshia will pick a final guy, however I don’t think she will want to go through with a proposal. Since she has been married before, I feel like getting engaged and married a second time is very important to her so she wants to make sure she has the right guy. I believe she will end up dating her final guy for a while until they are ready to be engaged and hoping she ends up picking Ben. However, I will be happy for her regardless of who she picks.

MM: I would have to agree with Jill. I hope that this process ends in happiness for her, but I have a feeling something is going to happen and she will end up not engaged at the end of this. I hope she ends up with Brendan though!

Mine: Totally agree. Don't know the details, but I don't see a full fledged runaway marriage in Tayshia's future. She knows better, LOL.


So as you can tell, these girls know their Bachelor Nation sh*t. You can find their podcast through Passion Project Online on Spotify here, the Bachelor Degree Instagram page here, and can expect new episodes up weekly. ABC producers bring the drama, they break it down. I know I'll be tuning in to listen for the rest of Tayshia's season and I can't wait to see what's in store!

Back to the couch now. Tuesday is quickly approaching... 🌹🌹🌹🌹