The ESSENTIAL essentials.

Ok SO. Because I took a little ✨pause✨ in my blog posting schedule, I missed a WWW, or two, I think?... (those are my monthly Wearing, Watching, Wanting roundups, for you newbies). So instead, I'm feeling like I wanna amp it up a little and give you guys the LIST of ALL LISTS. Also a little holiday bonus, now that I can start doing that and stuff.

The Essential Essentials. It's a big, compiled list of all of my favorite things that I can not and do not wanna live without. Oh and this list...has sections. Yep, fancy sectional list. I'll shut up now, it's 9:30pm, is this too late to be writing? Is that why I sound like this? Jesus.

Oh WAIT LAST thing. Holiday cheer. I was thinking that this list can DOUBLE as a potential gift guide? I'm kind of sick of hearing that phrase, I do like them but I didn't wanna be one of those girls. I'm not a freaking influencer. Also I don't care if you spend $5 or $800 this holiday season, who am I to tell you what to gift.

But nonetheless, this is a big list of products that I love and use every day, so hey, maybe your fourth cousin wants something off here. This intro is so long. Definitely over caffeinated myself today.

K. Sections will be: Fashion, Kitchen, Home, Beauty, and Health. Some products will be linked in blue!


Product #1: A cozy matching set

While everyone is still spending a lot of time at home, the happy medium for the workweek is to feel motivated, but keep comfy. A matching set of a soft sweatshirt and sweatpants, or a matching knitted big t-shirt and lounge shorts can somehow make me feel more put together, while also being so comfortable. From Aritzia, my TNA Mega Crew sweatshirt and matching sweatpants set is my fav thing to wear, and I have a biker short/tank top set from Sunday Best. These Aritzia sets can be on the pricier side, but luckily, loungewear sets are the biggest trend lately and can be found like, everywhere. I also have a sweat set from Missguided, and few lounge pieces from Target that were like under $40! I would live in a matching loungewear set, so I'm constantly adding to my collection.

#2: Perfume/Cologne

This is extremely style and taste specific to each person, but there's something about having an every day scent that makes you feel put together, and of course, smell nice. I have had a few perfumes from Anthropologie, but my recent favorite is Reserve by CLEAN. I got Ty a great Lucky Brand cologne for Valentines Day last year too. Great gift and great everyday accessory.

#3: Black boots

Truly nobody should go without. I have a super platform pair from ASOS and a more traditional heeled pair from Target, both under $50 and sooo essential. I wear them with jeans and a t-shirt, or a dress, and even black leggings and an oversized hoodie.

#4: A warm sweater

It's November, and where I live, one of these will be used 'till March. Go with white, tan or gray and you'll find yourself throwing it on every day. My top three favorites are from Madewell, H&M, and Free People.

#5: Everyday hoops

Maybe I'll shut up about this one day, but another thing every woman needs is earrings that she can wear every day, with every outfit, at any time. I'm a gold girl, but if silver is your thing, just as easy to find. My recs would be Amazon, Target or H&M for inexpensive, and I've always wanted to try Mejuri for higher quality earrings and other jewelry.

#6: A good coat (preferably black)

Another non-negotiable. I'm thinking more fashionable here than sporty/active coats. We can't be ruining good outfits with the wrong coat this winter. My go-to's are a teddy coat from TJ-Maxx, and an oversized soft-brushed overcoat from Old Navy.


Product #1: A big, cozy mug...or more glassware

I've been eyeing the big, heavy mugs at Starbucks for months. I'm a big fan of a completely unnecessarily big mug, preferably neutral-toned as always. I have a glass one from Chrissy Teigen's cookware line and its practically a bowl. It's so perfect for my hot coffee, maybe some hot chocolate next month and sometimes a few scoops of vanilla ice cream. Stylish wine glasses can be great gifts too.

#2: Dark chocolate stash

Another one that nobody should be without. Do I even need to explain this one? You tell me.

#3: Inspiration for cooking and baking!

With extra time lately, especially at night (thx daylight savings) I have been loving cooking and baking lately. I mostly go online to look at recipes, or Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, but a nothing really beats a good cookbook or two. My mom and I are both big fans of Ina Garten, and my sisters and I obsess over the Instagram posts and blog of Half Baked Harvest. A little inspo goes a long way.

#4: A good bread

Am I the only one that accepts this as gift-worthy? If not, it totally passes as an essential for the kitchen. I like a good, hearty loaf like sourdough, or a fancy one with dried fruit or seeds, perfect for the holidays! A good, heavy piece of toasted bread with a thick smear of melted butter? Count me in every time.


Product #1: Blanket or weighted blanket

Tyler bought me a weighted blanket this fall (good BF) and its the best. Mine's from Target but there are plenty around if you give it a quick Google search. The weight distributed heavily while just sitting in bed watching TV is immediately relaxing. Anxiety aside, anyone would love this. It's fluffy and soft, and hey if not weighted, everyone needs a great blanket during the fall and winter.

#2: Candles, candles, candles

This goes without saying. Absolutely essential. Love a good candle moment, holiday scent preferably. TJ Maxx has the most massive candles that are just as good of a centerpiece as they are aromatherapy. And of course, somehow in every product, you can always look to Target. I have a Harvest scented one from the Magnolia line, and a new, big, Holiday Balsam scented one.

#3: Lighting

Okay so. I could have said salt lamp, essential oil diffuser, or fairy lights, but I didn't, because everyone should have them all. Just kidding, lol. At school, I spent a lot of time in my bedroom, and my favorite part of the day was when at night I'd turn off my lamp and turn on all my ✨special✨ lights. As much as it might sound dumb, creating a cozy environment with things like a salt lamp or soft lights can make such a difference. Same concept as a candle kinda. It's all about the aesthetic, right? Check Amazon for these needs.

#4: Quip toothbrush

OK I JUST GOT one of these. For $25 at Target, they're normally $60. Black Friday Sale. Go, now. Oh wait let me tell you what it is first. The sleekest, most minimally and simply designed electric toothbrush with an automated guided timer for brushing and a travel case, cute accessories and more.

#5: Slippers

I'm not lying when I say I couldn't live *properly* without my slippers. Who wants cold feet first of all, and then who wants to get your socks wet when you step in a mini puddle of melted ice on the kitchen floor? Not it. You need slippers. Mine are the Minnetonka Winslet and are just what I need, but I may or may not be putting a pair of Ugg slippers on my Xmas list.

#6: Brooklinen sheet sets

The sheets on your bed may not seem like the most important thing in the world, and I'm not really saying they are, but they KIND OF are. I spend a good old ten hours a night in there (yep) so I wanna be comfy okay? I discovered Brooklinen this summer and immediately ordered. I have the Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle, which gave me a sheet set, 1 duvet cover, and 2 extra pillowcases, all in this nice tan color, and their classic fabric—think hotel luxury sheets. YA.


Product #1: Facial steamer

This one might seem a bit extra. But its totally worth putting in that actual extra work for your skin. Meant to be used only once a week, its the ultimate form of self-care to dedicate one night to a full step-by-step skincare treatment, literally feels like a spa. Prep by cleansing and toning, then grab your steamer, fill it with water, plug it in, turn it on and bask in the steam. Follow up with a mask if you're feeling it, or just a serum and moisturizer. I got mine off Amazon for like 40 bucks. Your pores will deffff thank you.

#2: Nail care

I feel like most of this blog post is about things that make me feel put together, but that's literally the goal right now with the amount of time I spend at home while trying to be productive at the same time. I go to a salon for acrylic nails with gel, so if you can too, treat yourself and spend the money. Or surprise a loved one with a gift certificate. Having my nails done is a priority for me, and even just keeping them *nice* is important. If you don't want to go to a nail salon, try an at-home manicure either simply with a polish and topcoat, or try out some press-on nails, I've seen great ones on Instagram that seriously look so real. Even grabbing some products for cuticle maintenance (I have a few from Burt's Bees) makes a huge difference.

#3: Revlon dry brush

I am obsessed with this product. It's a blow dryer with a round brush head so it blow dries and straightens your hair at the same time—and thats all I really have to say about that!

#4: Lip gloss

Everyone needs a good one. Maybe two—six if you're me. I like the TooFaced lip injections gloss. My Dr. Lipp balm is another favorite. I'm also dying to try the Glossier lip lines (and every other product). I'll take a gloss or clear hydrating product over a colored one most days, but I'm open to experimenting.

#5: Jade roller

Another one that is a little bit of extra love, not NEEDED, but most certainly appreciated. I talk more extensively about this in my skincare post here.


#1: Multivitamin

Okay so, I'm currently taking the women's daily multivitamin by Olly, and I have actually noticed a difference since starting it, mostly in my hair and nail strength. I really enjoyed incorporating taking a vitamin into my morning routine. I'm also dying to try the Ritual vitamins that can be found here!

#2: Lulu yoga mat

I got this mat for Christmas a few years ago and use it for everything. It's so easy to clean, I just keep it in the back of my car and use it for outdoor workouts, indoor workouts, and even something to sit on in the park.

#3: A ROBE

So underrated, OK? I have one from Victorias Secret and a terry cloth one from like Bed Bath and Beyond maybe? There's nothing like getting out of the shower, wrapping yourself up in your robe and...well...doing whatever the heck you please. Blow dry the hair? Sure. Skincare? Great. Nap? Awesome. Go into a deep hole of YouTube videos and forget all responsibilities? Perfect.

#4: A journal

Or a notebook, even a planner. There's nothing like writing out your thoughts on clean, crisp, paper. This can be a super thoughtful gift, and a really great thing to incorporate into anyones routine. Whether its used for daily notes or more extensive journaling, or just as a pretty leather coffee-table decoration (hopefully not), everyone could use a journal. Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Target have great options.

#5: Airpods

An investment, for sure, but too essential to not put on my essentials list. Perfect for working out, walks, podcasts, or cancelling out and going into study-mode. I have the Pros and I could not recommend them more!!


OKAY, and there's THE list. I've officially run out of steam (note the energy change from intro to outro). Not gonna lie guys, that took me so LONG! I wanted it to be as close to perfect as I could get!! I like to update you on my favorite items and products and such, so I wanted this to double as a huge list of favorites and also potentially get the wheels turning for the holidays coming up. I hope you liked it!! As always thanks for being here :)