An exercising mind needs rest too

"You are not a mess. You are a feeling person in a messy world." -Glennon Doyle

I'm sitting here writing this post at 11 pm on Thursday night, after a ten-hour workday, an hour of driving and an hour of working out, and oh, I ate crackers for dinner. Everything's fine tho!!! It's been one of those weeks, and I want to share my thoughts as I sit here and reflect on the last few days, weeks, months.

Full disclosure, my planned blog post for the week is completed and sitting in my drafts, it was a cute summery piece that I'll probably end up using another time, but as I was getting ready to finalize it, and something didn't feel right.

Ok rewind: I began my blog at an extremely complicated, dark and controversial time in many ways. I knew that my lifestyle content was going to be out of the ordinary in the current digital trends, but that's why I wanted to keep it light and pretty—as an escape from the heavy and confusing world we currently live in.

When I began writing about my favorite products and my dinner dates, I felt conflicted about whether my content would appear tone-deaf amongst the recent cultural events. But again, I hoped to portray it as an outlet to my audience, a simple and bright look into my life, my advice, and my words. Still, that is the purpose that I intend to give as I continue posting every week, it's why I started and why I have fallen in love with doing this!

But as I scroll through my social media every day, and see the exposure of struggles among so many people, families, and communities of all sorts, suddenly sharing the snacks I've been eating this week just seems silly?

Personally, I have taken to my Instagram page to share resources that have resonated with me on many different current cultural topics that are relevant right now, including Disability Pride Month, Black Lives Matter, the importance of exercising safe COVID-19 practices, and more political topics that are important to me.

One reason I have been hesitant to share those additionally on my website as well, is because I know your phone and your computer might be extremely overwhelming lately. Sometimes it feels like I'm on complete sensory overload.

I think it is super important to decide how much information (and just social media, and screen time in general) you are going to expose yourself to each time you pick up your phone (more on this down below).

So this week, part of me wants to turn off my phone, and it made me trash my planned post, but that's okay!

Within the saturation of important media content, try to recognize how grateful we should be to have access to amazing resources, endless lists, and information hubs to learn and grow every day! I know how crucial it is to utilize our voices, especially those of us who have the privilege and can advocate for others, and amplify voices who are unable to be heard.

I want to also say to every member of my audience, though it still may be small (ily), that I am 100% interested and more than willing to engage in conversation about ANYTHING going on, virus, movements, mental health struggles, whatever it may be. This is a time for unlearning and relearning, and that comes with getting into uncomfortable conversations sometimes.

I know this post has been a change of pace, but trust me when I say I am not slowing down on the lifestyle content, I just needed to share a little transparency with you guys, just as I want you to do for me! Lastly, I wanna share just a few tiny tips that might help if you're having some anxiety about the social uncertainty lately.

#1 Set time away from your phone (and all screens for that matter)

I know this is something we are constantly told to do, but if you're like me, unless you literally plan to hold yourself accountable, you just won't do it. I use the "Downtime" feature in the Screen Time section of my iPhone settings to block off a time during the day that apps of my choice will be disabled. I choose to schedule it for the first hour I'm awake (phone in the face right when you wake up is a big no-no), and I disable all my social and entertainment apps, and even my email. It's a no-screen, no-work, or stress block where I just relax by reading or slowly begin my day.

#2 Pick your favorite resource outlets for a few days or week at a time

I find that I absorb information best when it's only coming from a few sources. It's a lot easier to truly focus and learn by doing a deep dive into two things rather than a shallow skim over the information released by ten things. I've recently been tuning into one news outlet for my updates, listening to one informative podcast, and reading one book at a time that will help me educate and grow!

#3 Don't forget to check in with yourself

Though it may get lost in some negativity these days, there is a lot of people-helping-people action goin' on, and it's so great. But remember that in order to truly help someone else, you have to be taking care of yourself well too! Make time for things you enjoy, eat your favorite foods and spend time with people you love. Oh and meditate (trust. blog post on it coming soon).

Thank you so much for continuing to support my writing, and thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable in this space! I am always here to talk with you guys, whether it's about something serious and heavy, or a certain episode of The Real Housewives... yeah I guess you could call me well-rounded.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and can take the time to do something you really love!

Happy Reading,