Weekend blog: Happy September!

Happy September? Wait, I mean "How is it September?"

My college started classes last week, and I'll just put it right out there, it wasn't easy. It's super tough adjusting to such different circumstances this year but hey, we're all going through it and we're all gonna come out on the other side.

I'm focusing on growing my list of "upcoming blog post ideas" and incorporating new faces and voices into the website that aren't me (shocking I know). So super excited for new stuff coming soon!

So after a draining first few days of classes, I wanted to have a refreshing and fun weekend to unwind. And from Friday to Sunday, I got a ton of great content so that this week's blog post can be a break down of a typical weekend in my life for you guys!

**ALSO, for some security purposes, I'm not going to share exact locations of like where I was, but to friends, if you're interested in a restaurant or place just let me know and I'll give you alllll the juicy deets 😘



Without even planning it, my class schedule for Fridays is super light so...def will be taking advantage of that this semester!!

I slept in because, well, why not right? Treated myself for finishing Week 1! I woke up around nine and cleaned my room up while listening to a podcast. I just recently started listening to YouTuber/lifestyle vlogger Kenzie Elizabeth's podcast called I Love You So Much. I was tuning into her latest episode with Allee Williams, it was all about encouragement, confidence, faith, and motivation...all the good things. Been loving Kenzie's episodes and highly recommend! You can find her Apple Podcast page here.

After tidying up I went outside for a quick workout. I'm a big cardio workout girl, love running (don't hate me) and could do it every day. BUT I've been trying to incorporate some strength workouts into my routine at least twice a week. For this, I do a variety of things, ranging from following a guided strength workout to just making it up on my own as I go along.

One of my favorite fitness influencers is Gabby Scheyen, and I love LOVE her at-home YouTube workouts that she started making during quarantine. She also occasionally shares workouts on Instagram posts which is where I saw her simple HIIT that I did twice last week, once on Wednesday and once on Friday.

On Wednesday, I followed her instructions on the workout exactly. Here it is:

For Friday, I subbed out her three original exercises for these three:

  1. Deadlift with single row (holding each side of a 25 lb dumbbell, deadlift the weight to as low as feels comfortable, and then at the bottom, pull the weight into your chest for one rep. then stand back up and repeat!)

  2. Alternating reverse lunges (holding the weight however is comfortable, stand with feet together and step back for a singular lunge, stand back together and repeat on other leg! both sides=1 rep)

  3. Bicep curls (holding each side of the dumbbell, start with your arms extended down/relaxed, with your wrists facing out. pull up to your shoulder height for one rep)

OKKK so after workout was a shower and time to get dressed for something I was super excited for (it's lame but)...GOLF. I have been begging my boyfriend Tyler to take me golfing for weeks. We were headed to a local course here in town.

And of course, stopped at Starbucks on the way.

My order: Grande Vanilla Latte with whole milk (some days oat milk just doesn't cut it ok)

Ty's order, straight off Tik-Tok: Grande Iced White Mocha with sweet cream foam (it was a milkshake.)

OK now, GUYS. Golfing was so much fun! I wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. I did get super tired after like seven holes (T God we were only playing nine) so I could def work on my strength and stamina here, but for a beginner, I wasn't that bad! It took like two and a half hours so by the time I got home I was so TIRED! I literally changed and got in bed to take a nap at like 4, oops.


My housemates and I made a dinner reservation for that night at 6:30, so I showered up and got dressed around six. The place we were going wasn't like fancy fancy, so I decided on simple black jeans (Zara), a white shirt (H&M), black jean jacket (Zara? I think) and platform sneakers (Nike AF1s), nothing crazy.

I literally forgot to take a picture of our food, so sorry. But I got a wedge salad with allll the goods. Per the menu, specifically, it was iceberg lettuce, applewood bacon, gorgonzola and sharp cheddar cheese (ouch to the stomach but go off), tomato, egg, pumpkin seeds, croutons, and "smoky" ranch dressing. Simply put, yum.

After such a great dinner and night with my girlfriends, Friday late-night consisted of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in bed, not mad about it.



I'm not gonna act like this was the most extravagant weekend in my life. Honestly, it was pretty chill but a very typical routine for me around here.

While I had my morning coffee, I watched one of my favorite YouTubers, Lauren Giraldo. I have been loving her videos and content lately!

I normally would take off Saturday and Sunday from working out, but my roommate and I decided to go on a nice and slow jog in a park by the lake, so it was nothing high intensity but felt good to get my body moving to start the day!

Once I got home I made a late breakfast, my multigrain toast with two eggs over easy—nothing better. Also side note eggs cooked in olive oil > anything else, k.

Then it was off to Target, were you guys waiting for that? I know I was. But this time I shockingly wasn't there for clothes or makeup or mindless purchases. I was getting some school supplies! I picked up a few notebooks and folders, BTW my new planner I got from there a few weeks ago is my best friend, linked. Love a good planner. But back to Saturday...I BRAVELY and briskly walked past the women's section and checked out, and let me tell ya, lowest amount I've ever spent at Target. Do I get a cookie for that?


Date night, yay! Tyler and I do one dinner out a week (no, not counting the McDonalds runs at 11 pm on a Tuesday). We found a new spot, which we LOVE trying new places around town, and it did not disappoint.

Before I get into the details of the place and the food, a quick breakdown/mini Get Ready With Me. Post-shower after cleansing with my Cetaphil face wash, I used my lemon toner next with a clean cotton pad. After that dried, I layered two of my Drunk Elephant products to moisturize, first the Hydration Serum, then the Facial Oil. Get details and links to all of these products at this post! While my moisturizers were sinking in, and my hair had towel and air dried a bit, I began sectioning and blowing out my hair dry with my new Revlon One-Step Brush Hair Dryer, guys remember I said I wanted it in my August WWW! Well ya, I invested and it's amazing!!! Totally recommend.

After hair was done I started my makeup. I was going for a super minimal look and very natural. I've become absolutely obsessed with that Drunk Elephant facial oil and I love the glowy, dewy look it gives, so much I don't even layer face makeup over it most days. Luckily, I haven't been having many breakouts (tellin' ya hop on that skincare routine ladies!!!) so I really didn't feel the need to layer any powder or liquid foundation as my base.

Literally most of my face was used with one product—my 100% natural Dr. Lipp miracle balm. Guys it is the best product and best brand ever. Their original and tinted balm is meant to be used anywhere, cheeks, lips, eyelids, wherever. It's super moisturizing and glossy, and the sweetest tint from all-natural ingredients (like u could literally eat it). It lays so pretty on the face. Totally adds to the glowy and dewy look perfectly. So I put that on the highest part of my cheekbone and blend up, a dab on each eyelid and swipe over the whole lid, and dab some on my lips too. I'm obsessed.

Used my NYX Control Freak eyebrow gel next, then my Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara with lash curler. Last step was one of my favorite perfumes, it's by Anthropologie and technically called the ILLUME Eau De Parfum and the scent is Blackberry Absinthe. I can't find it on Anthro's website, meaning they may not make it anymore which just made me so SAD because I'm almost out!!! Omg.

SO THAT'S IT FOR THE MAKEUP. R u guys asleep?? Wake up. It's getting good.

The restaurant we were headed to is a little hidden lot that's like its own mini spot tucked away, luckily Tyler saw it last week because it's actually right next to the gym he goes to. The tables are sooo safely socially distanced and everything is outside. Also super cool is you don't have a server, you order your food either through a QR code with your table number, or you go up to a food truck kinda-venue and order there! They do run the food to your table though, so after you order you can sit down and relax. As we were looking over the menu there was a live band setting up that was starting soon, how perfect! We didn't even know.

Neither Tyler and I were like starving, so to start we ordered fries and a meat, cheese, and fruit board with crackers. Everything was super good and right away we knew this was gonna be a new fav spot. We actually filled up on the appetizers and didn't end up ordering any other food.

Still some room left in the belly after dinner? Ice cream.

We drove over to our favvvvv fav fav spot. I kinda went rogue and got a hot fudge sundae? Don't know who the girl was that ordered that, couldn't be me.

It was amaze. That is all.



Don't get your hopes up, Sunday scaries were here. But luckily, so was some Fall rain and football Sunday, such a combo. Coffee, toast, couch, couch, laundry, couch. That's pretty much it.


I could def leave this part out but I won't. And not to be gross but to be truthful! Around dinner time on Sunday I started feeling super sick and actually had like a stomach bug thing going on all night. Currently, it's Monday and I've just now started to feel better. I've been eating crackers and drinking Gatorade like a two-year-old LOL.

SO easily could have left out this bad ending to a great weekend and fooled you. (But I'm not fake.) Lol no but I'm just sharing that it's not all great all the time, at all. This blog is a highlight of my most positive, motivated, and favorite moments. But that is only a percentage of my life! I could have had a productive Sunday, or done some yoga or reading, but it didn't happen. I could have picked myself up today and pushed a little bit more, but I didn't! And that's fine.

I love giving you guys my tips for feeling your best, but we gotta be real too. I'm gonna go make some chicken noodle soup and watch Netflix.

Catch ya next week XOXO