Why a blog?

When I was ten I wanted to be a talk show host (Kelly Ripa to get specific here), by 15 I had my heart set on magazine journalism. But now, at almost 20, I've found myself not so sure. One thing that I do know, is that a constant through all of it has been my love and passion for writing.

To avoid boring anyone (or embarrassing myself) with details of my childhood hopes and dreams, in short and skipping to the present, I created this blog to express my interests in various forms of personal writing. This includes everything from health and wellness tips and insight, recommendations and travel, some service journalism and personal blog entries. I’ve become extremely interested in content creation and can’t wait to see where I can take the passion (the current brainstorm list consists of things like YouTube and newsletters). But starting now, I'm hoping that the blog, L's and W's, will help us both navigate some of life's little losses and wins!

As a constant work in progress, I hope readers can take what they find interesting (while letting me know so I can learn!!).

This website has existed since November of 2019 (LOL), and as embarrassing as it is to admit, I've been too nervous to release it to anyone. But a few days ago, my biggest blog and content idol Lauryn Evarts Bosstick taught me about her mantra of 'launch then adjust.' Like her, as a full-on perfectionist, it's so easy to sit back and wait until something is *perfect* before you show it to anyone. But if I go by that rule, I'll be 85 years old or the world will have ended before we get to that point. So here we are, I'm super excited to have fun with this and continue to learn and grow!!! Thank you so much for stopping by, come back pls!!

Happy Reading!