Why I meditate (almost) every morning

One of my Lululemon bags says something like, "Meditate for ten minutes every day. Unless you're too busy, then meditate for 20."

Everyone tells you to meditate. I get it. But you just aren't dying to try, right? Why, when, where, how? All those things. I was there too. But now I'm here, telling you guys why you've gotta give it a shot at least.

A few weeks ago, in my morning and night routine blog, I mentioned that I have recently begun incorporating guided meditation into my daily life, and it has been so refreshing!

I'm not going to sit here and say that it completely changed my life in a month, I'm still a beginner at it, but it definitely has benefited me in more ways than one. And though it may get to be life-changing at some point, for now, it has simply been a super relaxing tool to learn and have.

Before I began meditating every day, I kinda already practiced mindfulness, which I feel like might be why it didn't come as some ground-breaking, earth-shattering change to my life. I used to only meditate in yoga class, and additionally knew how to relax myself using meditation-like strategies such as visualization and breathing, but it wasn't until about a month ago that I began holding myself accountable to do it every morning.

The number one thing that I believe meditation has taught me is perspective. I know that is a big word with lots to unpack behind it, but it is also something that I have wanted to improve on for many years now.

Side-rant, I have recently been all about strengthening the weaker muscles in my life. Now I'm not talking about my weak noodle arms that can barely lift the grocery bags, I'm talking about mind muscles. If you focus on self-awareness and truly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in your mental space, you may be able to come up with one or two things pretty easily that you know you want to work on, or maybe have been trying to work already. Maybe it's that you get super nervous trying to make new friends, or you have trouble focusing in school or the office.

I have many areas in which I want to improve, but one big one for me has always been my ability to get very overwhelmed, very quickly and very easily (it's fun !!!!). And meditation has been a tool, or let's say maybe a little pink handheld weight, that has been helping me strengthen that "perspective" muscle.

Now I use the word perspective here, but I don't mean it in terms of whole entire life outlook. I'm referring to daily perspective on weighing the day's contents...

- the important things

- the not-as-important things

- and the B.S.

Almost every morning for the past month I have woken up, gone to my Headspace app (more details on this in the blog post here), and sat through a five or 10-minute meditation session. I am planning on continuing to use guided meditation (as opposed to leading yourself through meditating) for a while still, I love that I can just sit back, relax and listen, and I don't feel quite ready to do it on my own just yet!

I have also found that incorporating a morning meditation into my routine has just added some structure to my daily life. I just moved into my new house where I go to college and like I've told you guys before, changes and transitions are very difficult for me to adjust to (another muscle!) so holding myself to meditating every morning has helped a TON.

I know the concept is probably something you are all sick of hearing, so take what you want from this! But I have found it to be a very helpful new tool in the toolbox, or weight in the gym, whatever cliche suits you.

Beginning meditation couldn't be easier in today's world, even a simple Google search or browse of the App Store will lead to options if you're looking to get started! And if guided meditation isn't your thing, maybe just start out with some deep breathing with your eyes closed to relax, or visualize your "happy place." Meditation is one of those things that you can't really mess up—you've got this!

Again, I use the Headspace app the program I started out with initially was called the Basics Course! It includes simple meditation practices and visualizations that will seriously calm you down in a matter of seconds, love it.

I wanted to share with you guys how meditating has helped me personally. I'm sure it has helped a lot of people in a ton of different ways and maybe hasn't helped some people at all, I'm no expert or doctor.

I meditated for a week straight as a test when I first started and couldn't wait to jump on here to tell you guys. But I wanted to wait just a little bit longer so that I could truly see the effects, not just the initial excitement of adding a ~~wellness~~ component to my hot mess of a life!

Last thing—like I mentioned a few times, I moved into my new house, oh, and also recently learned that my classes are all online this semester...no, I'm not fine...so it's safe to say my schedule is looking pretttttty free.

I've been listening to a ton of podcasts—just finished this one today), and catching up on my reading—Untamed by Glennon Doyle...bless. book review coming) BUT I'm all ears for new content, new things to learn and people to connect with. Send recommendations my way ppl!!!

Thank you for reading and happy meditating!! Let me know how it goes!